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Техника Александера: от стресса к свободе / Alexander Technique: From Stress to Freedom (Энтони Кингсли / Anthony Kingsley) [2006 (1980) г., Обучающий, соматика, нетрадиционная медицина, телесно-ориентированная психотерапия, осанка, DVDRip] скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

Техника Александера: от стресса к свободе / Alexander Technique
Год выпуска: 2006 (1980)
Страна: UK
Жанр: Обучающий, познавательный, нетрадиционная медицина, телесно-ориентированная психотерапия
Продолжительность: 50 минут
Язык: Английский
Ведуший: Энтони Кингсли / Anthony Kingsley
From Stress to Freedom" DVD is a classic introduction to the Alexander Technique. Recently reissued from the 1980's original, it is now available in dvd format with added footage of FM Alexander himself. Written and presented by Anthony Kingsley, one of UK’s leading Alexander Teachers, it outlines how you can achieve poise, focus and wellbeing in your everyday life. The Alexander Technique is suitable for everyone. It is particularly popular with actors, dancers, athletes, musicians and in fact anyone sitting in front of a computer screen all day. The Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for personal change. It frees you from unhelpful postural habits that may cause discomfort and illness, and it offers a dynamic sense of ease and wellbeing. The Alexander Technique is holistic. It tackles the source of your problems rather than simply treating the symptoms. Following Alexander lessons, pupils learn to release muscle tension and mental stress, and recover their natural grace and freedom. The DVD explains how this happens.
Improves balance and overall performance
Relieves anxiety, aches & pains and RSI
Enhances vitality and sexual health
Great for pregnancy – before, during and post-natal
"From Stress to Freedom" is presented in two sections, and is packed with information. The first section offers a comprehensive introduction to the Alexander Technique, and explains to the viewer the simple principles involved. The second section illustrates some of the basic applications of the Technique in our daily lives and activities. It includes demonstrations on sitting, standing, office work, breathing and public speaking. This DVD features rare and original footage of F M Alexander, the founder of the Technique at work, as well as a number of contemporary Alexander Teachers including the renowned Sir George Trevelyan. Anyone learning the Alexander Technique will find this DVD of particular value as a companion guide to lessons. And if you have already received a course of lessons, it works well to refresh what you have learned. "From Stress to Freedom" is your start to lasting improvements in physical and mental health.
Техника Александера - это методика, призваная исправлять осанку, от нарушений которой, по мнению автора методики, могут возникать многочисленные заболевания.
Методика была разработана в XIX веке австралийским актером Матиасом Александером (1869—1955). Однажды он понял, что потеря голоса, которой он иногда страдал на сцене, зависит от положения головы и шеи. Изменяя это положение, он исцелялся. За 12 уроков он учил пациентов избавляться от вредной осанки, заново обучая их правильно пользоваться своим телом.

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