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[Android] The Conduit HD 1.00 [Шутер, от 800x480, ENG] скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

The Conduit HD
Год выпуска: 2013 г.
Жанр: Шутер
Разработчик: High Voltage Software, Inc.
Издательство: High Voltage Software, Inc.
Тип издания: лицензия
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: не требуется
Разрешение экрана: от 800x480
Версия: 1.00
Системные требования: ARMv7
Описание: Description
The Conduit HD is an award-winning First Person Shooter brought to touchscreen devices for the first time, offering state of the art graphics, innovative controls and unique weapons to bring to bear against hordes of deadly foes!
Play the first two levels for free!
• Best overall Wii Game – E3 2008, GameTrailers.com
• Best overall Wii Game – E3 2008, IGN.com
• Best of E3 2009 – 411mania.com
• Best Wii Game – CrispyGamer.com
• Nominee, Best Wii Shooting Game – IGN.com
• Nominee, Best Wii Shooting Game – GamingExcellence.com
• Nominee, Best Wii Game of the Show = GamingExcellence.com
• Runner Up, Wii Game of Show – GameSpy.com
• “Think Da Vinci Code meets X-Files.” – Game Trailers
• “A great first person shooter” – IGN.com
• “Supremely worthy” – Gamesradar.com
• “…fusing fast and fluid gameplay with an advanced set of visuals” - Worthplaying
• “It really did blow us away!” – Gameplayer
• “Visuals are outstanding…” – GameFocus
• “…well-designed and executed gameplay, an excellent soundtrack, and enough originality to separate it from the first-person pack.” – Play Magazine
• “…a solid FPS and should be a must buy for anyone who loves the genre…” – Deeko
• “The game has nice graphics and good gameplay, but most of all keeps things stretching till the very last moment.” – XGN
As Washington D.C. is embroiled in chaos, Secret Service agent Michael Ford finds himself recruited by a mysterious organization known as The Trust, and is quickly caught up in a national crisis, an alien invasion and a web of conspiracies that date back hundreds of years.
Now you must help him learn to use bizarre new weapons, battle deadly aliens, discover ancient secrets, and save the world… if you can figure out who you can trust…
• STUNNING GRAPHICS: The already gorgeous graphics are further enhanced on Tegra Devices, boasting increased resolution, enhanced lighting as well as advanced physics!
• TERRIFYING ENEMIES: Face off against fourteen unique alien and human foes that use cover and tactical thinking to fight back!
• SHADOWY CONSPIRACIES: Throughout your adventure, learn new theories and connections in an effort to discover the truth behind the invasion, and more…
• INTENSE WEAPONS: Eighteen different human, alien and ‘other’ weapons, many with completely unique effects!
• UNSEEN DANGERS: Use the All Seeing Eye to reveal invisible objects and enemies, before it’s too late!
• UNPARALLELED CUSTOMIZATION: Change the control inputs, the UI Layouts and many other elements to play the game the way YOU want to!
• CONTROLLER SUPPORT: Enjoy more traditional control by using Gamestop’s Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Android!
• TOP VOICE TALENT: Showcasing the talent of Mark A. Sheppard, William Morgan Sheppard and Kevin Sorbo!
• KILLER TUNES: Features music by Diego Stucco and Rick Nielsen!
High Voltage Software – We take fun seriously!
Доп. информация: кеш кидать в sdcard/Android/obb
Апк кеш качает. Игра не только для тегры, на S3 летает на максималках, несмотря на отсутсвие поддержки в маркете.
Полную версию получем через http: //rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4355468, бекап не работает.

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