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[Mods] Starcraft 2 Beta - StarCrack AI version 7.0 (23.03.10) скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

StarCrack AI
StarCrack AI has been in development since the first AI hack was on the scene. Initially, it was a pretty hacked up version of the Blizzard "very easy" AI that would actually do more than build two marines that glare at you. Since then it has evolved into one of the leading AIs for StarCraft 2.
Искусственный интеллект (бот) для игры Starcraft 2 Beta. Версия: 7.0, датированная 23-ым марта.
Cheat version - читерская, имеет двойной прирост ресурсов, видит всю карту.
Standart - соответственно, обычный прирост ресурсов, туман войны.
Easy - прирост 0,5.
- Unpack to StarCrack II directory
- Click yes to overwrite
- If it's working it will come up with "StarCrack AI 7.0" ingame
- Open up AIDifficulty.galaxy with notepad
(it's the base StarCraft II folder)
- Read comments above lines before changing them
- If changing the values breaks your game, re-install the AI
If when the game starts you get no buildings or anything, make sure you've extracted the ENTIRE .rar to your StarCraft II directory. Then use StarCrack Launcher rev43.
http: //sc2.nibbits.com/assets/sc2-launcher/
Changelog (чем отличается версия 7.0 от 6.1.1)
- Reactive AI system. Balanced mix of proactive and reactive AI. The AI will scout out and respond to your army make up with mixed counters.
- Individual unit AI improvements, SCVs repairing, terran buildings lifting off to avoid damage, chrono boost used correctly... the list goes on.
- New attack AI, the AI will now attack much more regularly.
- Major modifications to the AIs economy.
- Totally new Protoss and Zerg.
- Many more changes and additions that I just can't remember!

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