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CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies Class-On-Demand [2007 г.] скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

Производитель: internetworkexpert.com
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Описание: Overview
Internetwork Expert's CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies Class-on-Demand is a self-paced version of our Service Provider CCIE Advanced Technologies Class (IEATC-SP-ONL). This Class-on-Demand offers our five-day lecture class in a convenient recorded video format, totaling more than 40 hours of content. The recorded format allows you to learn the highly complex CCIE technologies on a schedule that works for you!
This series uses a hands-on lecture approach designed to provide you with a CCIE-level understanding of the technologies covered in Cisco Systems' Service Provider CCIE Lab Exam. With this series you will receive access to five days of our Service Provider CCIE Advanced Technologies Class in recorded format. Each of these class days contain more than eight hours of highly advanced instruction on cutting edge CCIE-level technologies, for a total of more than 40 hours worth of content. Furthermore since the series is offered in subscription format, you will automatically receive updates at no charge as our class curriculum changes with the progression of the CCIE Lab.
Brian Dennis, CCIE™ #2210 (R&S, ISP Dial, Security, Service Provider)
Brian Dennis has been in the Cisco networking industry for over 13 years, and is one of the select few engineers to hold four CCIE™ certifications. Brian has spent the last few years teaching and developing CCIE preparation classes for various well known training organizations.
Brian not only brings his years of teaching experience to the classroom, but also years of real world enterprise and service provider experience.
Brian Dennis can be reached via phone at 877-224-8987 ext 703 and via email at [email protected]
Brian McGahan, CCIE™ #8593 (R&S, Security, Service Provider)
Brian has been teaching and developing CCIE™ training classes for the past few years, and has assisted hundreds of engineers in obtaining their CCIE™ certification. When not teaching or developing new products Brian consults with large ISPs and enterprise customers in the mid-west US.
Brian McGahan can be reached via phone at 877-224-8987 ext 705 and via email at [email protected]
1. Default DirectSound Device
2. Video Renderer
3. Overlay Mixer
4. Gretech Audio
5. Gretech Video
6. WMA Voice Decoder DMO
7. WMVideo Decoder DMO
8. WM ASF Reader
*** VIDEO INFO ***
Input Type: YV12(RAW)
Input Size: 1024 x 768
Output Type: YV12
Output Size: 1024 x 768
FrameRate(Frame/sec): 0.00 (15.00)
*** AUDIO INFO ***
SampleRate(Sample/sec): 22050
BitRate(Bit/sample): 16
Channels: 1
KBitRate(KBit/sec): 20
Видео кодек: Windows Media

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