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Defcon 16 (all audio and video presentations) [2008 г.] скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

Defcon 16 (all audio and video presentations)
Год выпуска: 2008
Язык: английский
Сайт производителя: http
Описание: Хакерская конференция DEFCON, проходящая в Вегасе, всегда славилась сногсшибательными докладами, освещением жестоких багов и уязвимостей, и, конечно же, релизами доселе недоступных публике эксплоитов и х-тулз. На недавно прошедшей DEFCON 16 таких релизов было особенно много. Мы не могли обойти их стороной.
DEFCON - это не просто конференция, не просто очередной ивент. Это практически святое место для хакеров и кракеров, где они могут обнародовать результаты своей многомесячной и многолетней работы. Трудно забыть 2001 год, когда на конференции был арестован русский программист Дмитрий Скляров за «взлом системы защиты электронных документов Adobe». В этом году еще перед конференцией был обыскан британский специалист по взлому GSM. Это лишь очередное доказательство, что доклады и релизы на конференции всегда самые актуальные и свежие. И у тебя есть отличная возможность с ними познакомиться.
Состав релиза: 11 DVD (образы дисков)
Full audio, video feed and presentations of the speakers from DefCon 16 (2008), the digital security conference in Las Vegas.
Multiple DVDs ripped with Nero to .nrg files to retain the original DVD formatting.
Each conference session is broken into its own .mov file using SynchVue formatting, with exception of the first DVD which contains all the sessions in only .mp3 format.
"The SynchVue DVD-ROM is an incredible product which merges the live audio with the projected image. Whether it is a PowerPoint presentation, software demonstration, video or web page, all of it is captured and synchronized seamlessly with the audio from the presenter."
DVDs and respective contents are listed below for the ratio wary.
== Intro.nrg ==
Contains the session listing, and ALL the recorded AUDIO tracks from DefCon16 in .mp3 format. If you just want to hear the sessions and not view the presentations (or pick up the presentations from the website or other bitme torrents), download only the intro DVD. The others will contain the SynchVue presentation formats
== Track1A.nrg ==
T101 Welcome by DT & Making the DEFCON 16 Badge With Joe “Kingpin” Grand Joe “Kingpin” Grand
T102 How to Make Friends & Influence Lock Manufacturers Schuyler Towne
T103 Open in 30 Seconds: Cracking One of the Most Secure Locks in America Marc Weber Tobias
T104 Advanced Physical Attacks: Going Beyond Social Engineering and Dumpster Diving or, Techniques of Industrial Espionage Eric Schmiedl
T105 Bringing Sexy Back: Breaking in With Style David Maynor & Robert Graham
T106 Death Envelope: Medieval Solution to a 21st Century Problem Matt Yoder
T107 New Ideas for Old Practices - Port Scanning Improved Fabian “Fabs” Yamaguchi & FX
T108 RE: Trace
T109 Password Cracking on a Budget Matt Weir & Suhir Aggarwal
T110 Developments in Cisco IOS Forensics FX
T111 BuyingTime -What isYour DataWorth? (A Generalized Solution to Distributed Brute Force Attacks) Adam Bregenzer
== Track1B.nrg ==
T112 All Your Sploits (and Servers) are Belong to Us Panel
T113 CSRF Bouncing Michael Brooks
T114 Barcoding FX
T115 TheTrue Story of the Radioactive Boyscout: The First Nuclear Hacker & How His work Relates to Homeland Security’s Model of the Dirty Bomb Paul F. Renda
T116 Malware Detection through Network Flow Analysis Bruce Potter
T117 War Ballooning - Kismet Wireless“Eye in the Sky” Rick Hill
T118 Race-2-Zero Unpacked Simon Howard
T119 Mobile Hacker Space Thomas Wilhelm
T120 Internet Wars Panel
T121 Making a Text Adventure Documentary Jason Scott
T122 Fireside chat with David Scott Lewis, IT & Green Tech Entrepreneur, Model for David Lightman
== Track2A.nrg ==
T201 Compliance: The Enterprise Vulnerablity Roadmap Weasel
T202 Deciphering Captcha Michael Brooks
T203 Whitespace: A Different Approach to JavaScript Obfuscation Kolisar
T204 Captchas: Are They Really Hopeless? (Yes!) Mike Spindel
T205 Xploiting Google Gadgets: Gmalware & Beyond Tom “Strace” Stracener & Robert “RSnake” Hansen
T206 Satan is on my Friends List: Attacking Social Networks Nathan Hamiel & Shawn Moyer
T207 Playing With Web Application Firewalls Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique
T208 NMAP - Scanning the Internet Fyodor
T209 Snort Plug - in Development: Teaching an Old Pig New Tricks Ben Feinstein
T210 Sniffing Cable Modems Guy Martin
T211 Beholder: New WiFi Monitor Tool Nelson Murilo & Luiz “effffn” Eduardo
T212 Shifting the Focus of WiFi Security: Beyond CrackingYour Neighbor’s WEP Key Thomas d’Otreppe de Bouvette “Mister X” & Rick Farina “Zero_Chaos”
T213 Flux On: EAS (Emergency Alert System) Matt “DCFLuX” Krick
T214 Taking Back Your Cellphone Alexander Lash
== Track2B.nrg ==
T215 Feed My SAT Monkey Major Malfunction
T216 Is That a Unique Credential in Your Pocket or Are You Just Pleased to See Me? Zac Franken
T217 365-Day: Active Https Cookie Hijacking Mike Perry
T218 Autoimmunity Disorder in Wireless LANs MD Sohail Ahmad, JVR Murthy & Amit Vartak
T219 The World of Pager Sniffing/ Interception: More Activity Than One May Suspect NYCMIKE
T220 Demonstration of Hardware Trojans Fouad Kiamilev & Ryan Hoover
T221 Solid State Drives Destroy Forensic & Data Recovery Jobs: Animated! Scott Moulton
T222 Measuring and Integrating the Shadow Economy: A Sector-Specific Approach Brian K. Edwards
T223 Evade IDS/IPS Systems Using Geospatial Threat Detection Ryan Trost
T224 Black Ops 2008 Dan Kaminsky
T227 Toasterkit, a Modular NetBSD Rootkit Anthony Martinez & Thomas Bowen
T228 Malware RCE: Debuggers and Decryptor Development Michael Ligh & Greg Sinclair
T229 Good Viruses. Evaluating the Risks Igor Muttik
T230 Next Generation Collaborative Reversing With IdaPro & CollabReate Chris Eagle & Tim Vidas
== Track3A.nrg ==
T301 Time -Based Blind SQL Injections Using Heavy Queries: A Practical Approach to MS SQL Server, MS Acess, Oracle, MySQL Databases and Marathon Tool Chema Alonso & Jose Parada
T302 Digital Security: A Risky Business Ian Angell
T303 ModScan: A SCADA MODBUS Network Scanner Mark Bristow
T304 New Tool for SQL Injection With DNS Exfiltration Robert Ricks
T305 Fear, Uncertainty and the Digital Armageddon Morgan Marquis-Boire
T306 Nail the Coffin Shut, NTLM is Dead Kurt Grutzmacher
T307 VLANs Layer 2 Attacks: Their Relevance and Their Kryptonite Kevin Figueroa, Marco Figueroa, & Anthony L. Williams
T308 StegoFS James Shewmaker
T309 Building a Real Session Layer D.J. Capelis
T310 Virtually Hacking John Fitzpatrick
T311 Working With Law Enforcement Don Blumenthal
T312 Forensics is ONLY for Private Investigators Scott Moulton
T313 When Lawyers Attack! Dealing With the New Rules of Electronic Discovery John “Jur1st” Benson
== Track3B.nrg ==
T314 Ask the EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties Panel Panel
T315 Commission on Cyber Security for the 44th Presidency Panel
T316 What to Do When Your Data Winds Up Where It Shouldn’t Don Blumenthal
T317 Zfone Phil Zimmerman
T318 The Death of Cash: The Loss of Anonymity & Other Danger of the Cash Free Society Tony Howlett
T319 The Emergence (and Use) of Open Source Warfare Peter Berghammer
T320 Climbing Everest: An Insider’s Look at One State’s Voting Systems Sandy Clark “Mouse”
T321 Identification Card Security: Past, Present, Future Doug Farre
T322 The Anatomy of a Subway Hack: Breaking Crypto RFID’s & Magstripes ofTicketing Systems Brenno de Winter
T323 The Big Picture: Digital Cinema Technology & Security Mike Renlund
T324 Pen - Testing is Dead, Long Live the Pen Test Taylor Banks & Carric
T325 Hijacking the Outdoor Digital Billboard Network Tottenkoph, Rev & Philosopher
== Track4A.nrg ==
T401 Hacking Data Retention: Small Sister Your Digital Privacy Self Defense Brenno J.S.A de Winter
T402 Hacking E.S.P Joe Cicero
T403 Web Privacy & Flash Local Shared Objects Clinton Wong
T404 Security and Anonymity Vulnerabilities in Tor: Past, Present, Future Roger Dingledine
T405 Every Breath you Take Jim O’Leary
T406 Generic, Decentralized, Unstoppable Anonymity: The Phantom Protocol Magnus Brading
T407 Free Anonymous Internet Using Modified Cable Modems Blake Self & Durandal
T408 Keeping Secret Secrets Secret & Sharing Secret Secrets Secretly Vic Vandal
T409 Medical Identity Theft Eric Smith & Dr. Shana Dardan
T410 BSODomizer Joe “kingpin” Grand & Zoz
T411 Under the iHood Cameron Hotchkies
T412 Owning the Users With Agent in the Middle Jay Beale
== Track4B.nrg ==
T413 Predictable PRNG in the Vulnerable Debian OpenSSL Package, the What and the How Luciano Bello & Maximiliano Bertacchini
T414 Pushing the Camel Through the Eye of a Needle SensePost
T415 BackTrack Foo - From Bug to 0day Mati Aharoni
T416 VulnCatcher: Fun With Vtrace & Programmatic Debugging atlas
T417 Grendel-Scan: A New Web Application Scanning Tool David Byrne
T418 How Can I PWN Thee? Let Me Count the Ways Renderman
T419 Hacking Open VMS Christer Oberg, Claes Nyberg, & James Tusini
T420 VoIPER: Smashing the VoIP Stack While You Sleep N.N.P.
T421 They’re Hacking Our Clients! Introducing Free Client-side Intrusion Prevention Jay Beale
T422 Compromising Windows Based Internet Kiosks Paul Craig
T423 Black vs.White: The Complete Life Cycle of a Real World Breach Panel
T424 Stealing the Internet. No, Really. Tony Kapela, Alex Pilosov
== Track5A.nrg ==
T501 The Wide World of WAFs Ben Feinstein
T502 Hacking in the Name of Science Panel
T503 Could Googling Take Down a President, Prime Minister, or an Average Citizen? Greg Conti
T504 Anti-RE Techniques in DRM Code Jan Newger
T505 Living in the RIA Alex Stamos, David Thiel & Justine Osborne
T506 Journey to the Center of the HP28 Travis Goodspeed
T507 Meet the Feds Panel
T508 De-TOR-iorate Anonymity Nathan Evans
T509 A Hacker Looks at 50 G.Mark Hardy
T510 Gaming - The Next Overlooked Security Hole Ferdinand Schober
T511 Brain Games: Make Your own Biofeedback Video Game Ne0nRa1n & Joe “Kingpin” Grand
T512 Hacking Desire Ian Clarke
== Track5B.nrg ==
T513 Tuning Your Brain Lyn
T514 Urban Exploration - A Hacker’s View Phreakmonkey & mutantMandias
T515 Career Mythbusters: Separating Fact from Fiction in Your Information Security Career Lee Kushner & Mike Murray
T516 Introducing Momentary Faults Within Secure Smartcards/ Microcontrollers Christopher Tarnovsky
T517 Exploiting A Hundred - Million Hosts Before Brunch Stefan Frei,Thomas Duebendorfer, Gunter Ollman & Martin May
T518 Ham for Hackers - Take Back the Airwaves JonM
T519 Advanced Software Armoring and Polymorphic Kung Fu Nick Harbour
T520 MetaPost - Exploitation Valsmith & Colin Ames
T521 Bypassing Pre-Boot Authentication Passwords Jonathan Brossard
T522 DAVIX Visualization Workshop Raffael Marty, Jan P. Monsch

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