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Blender - The Mancandy FAQ [2007 г.] скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

Blender - The Mancandy FAQ
Производитель: http
Год выпуска: 2007
Язык: английский
Описание: Видеоуроки по Blender-у.
The 3D character ManCandy has been created by Bassam Kurdali for testing and teaching animation techniques. Over the past year it has become a wonderfully flexible character, deserving to become the first of the titles in the Open Movie Workshop series.
The ManCandy FAQ is a collection of animations and video tutorials for rigging and animating with ManCandy. The animations are in question and answer format (hence the title) and are intended to be a fun way of documenting the rig.
The video tutorials are a little more serious, and are divided into animation and rigging topics. Animation tutorials cover setting up files and linking, animating an arm motion in FK, doing a cartoony take and walkcycles. Rigging topics are arranged according to the parts of ManCandy\'s body - there are sections for the hands, torso, face, legs, etc.
While this is not a basic rigging tutorial (viewers should have a basic knowledge of the Blender interface and the bare minimum of armatures and animation ) there is a basics/primer tutorial that quickly goes through blender rigging and animation features, such as lattices, armatures, weight painting, etc.
There is also a short bonus rigging breakdown tutorial on a simple surprise character (not ManCandy.)
The information presented overall captures most of the Elephants Dream production rigs with many improvements that were aimed at assisting the Plumiferos project.
Продолжительность около 7 часов
Этот диск начало серии Open Movie Workshop.
Второй диск "Blender DVD training: Creature Factory" тут
Третий диск "Learn Character Animation With Blender", лежит здесь: http
Видео: flv 640x480, ogg 1024 x 768, есть встроенный плеер

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