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Kurv Studios - SILO - Character Modeling / Моделирование персонажа [2006, ENG] скачать торрент по magnet-ссылке

SILO - Character Modeling
by Josh Robinson
Производитель: Kurv Studios
Год выпуска: 2006
Язык: английский
Еще урок из этой серии: Silo II Modeling a Head
Описание: В данном уроке по шагам показано моделирование персонажа (пакет сабдив-моделинга Silo). Автор не пропускает даже самых незначительных ходов, вы увидите, как он решает множество проблем на пути создания полноценной качественной 3D-модели. Урок будет полезен не только пользователям Silo, но и приверженцам других популярных пакетов, таких как 3Ds MAX и Maya - принципы везде одни.-This Video carries on from our other best selling modeling videos on Silo `Get into SILO` & 'Silo II Modeling a Head' to show you how to model a character. This video by Josh Robinson walks you through this character in an easy to follow manner.
Silo and general modeling enthusiasts will be pleased with this third installment as this video is designed to be useful to beginners as well as intermediate modelers. Josh does not skip any steps in this video, you watch as he works through problems and changes directions all along learning new ways to solve problems and cut time off of your next character project.
Josh walks you through ever aspect of modeling the character on the cover. showing you time saving tips and modeling tips and tricks from a seasoned VFX professional. Silo is an incredible modeling package and this video will show you just how fast and powerful Silo can be. View TOC Here | Sample videos below screen shots-Nevercenter’s Silo 1.4 is the latest subdivision-surface (sub-d) modeler to hit the market, and at $109, it’s one of the best 3-D-software bargains in years. Silo’s interface is fast, efficient, and highly customizable. Its smart tools let you work on half-models with symmetric mirroring; you can quickly join faces on separate objects and blend shapes seamlessly into single surfaces. Silo 1.4 lets you draw directly on sub-d surfaces to create new geometry—a capability we have yet to see in more-expensive 3-D suites.-Josh Robinson - has been working as a professional 3D artist since the age of 19. He spent several years creating high-end cinematic fly-troughs for architectural firms before joining the game industry in 2000. His gaming experience includes environment and character creation for EA Sports and Sony Online Entertainment on titles such as, March Madness, Everquest 2, Planetside, and Untold Legends. Josh currently works Climax Group Santa Monica as a Lead Artist on Silent Hill.
Josh also has a best selling 3DS Max book from Wordware Publishing, Essential 3DS Max 8.-

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